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Wed Sep 14 15:55:01 CEST 2005

--On 14. september 2005 13:29 +0200 Luc Pardon <lucp at> wrote:

>> Are we going to register tags for all of them or should we wait until RFC
>> 3066bis is officially adopted?
>    I had considered waiting, but there is no firm date and I currently
> have a need for it (in the final stages of making a website meet WCAG
> 1.0 AA or AAA). Under the - still ruling - RFC3066, section 3, I "MUST"
> go through the registration procedure before using el-Latn.

While I certainly hope the end is near for LTRU, there is an inevitable 
delay involved - and if the IESG's decision is appealed, there is the 
theoretical chance that implementation of the procedures will be delayed 
further (I'd advise the IESG not to, but that's another matter).

So I think accepting this request once the 2-week timeout has passed is 
"the least harmful" way to go.

>    To answer the question: A wholesale registration of all possible
> combinations would probably not be a bright idea, but if there is a need
> for one particular tag and somebody asks, why not ?

Agreed, on both counts.

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