el-latn, ru-latn, and related possibilities

Richard Ishida ishida at w3.org
Fri Oct 7 15:05:59 CEST 2005

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> Something like zh-hans-pinyin-cn rather than zh-hans-cn-pinyin.

Assuming that you meant zh-latn-pinyin-CN rather than zh-latn-CN-pinyin

I'm not sure the order makes much difference other than that it makes the label harder to parse - unless you are trying to say 'a mainland chinese form of pinyin' rather than 'pinyin for mainland chinese'.  I think the latter is what is really intended.

Note also that several Japanese input systems I've used accept text in multiple latin forms (eg. 'si' and 'shi' both work), so ja-latn would be an appropriate choice in such cases.


Richard Ishida


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