zh-Hant-xx, zh-Hans-xx

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I support these applications.


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Here is the message from James. There must have been some problem in email,
since you are included in the address list.

I don't know what else you want as far as concensus. I strongly favor these,
and a number of others have spoken out in favor of them.


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The purpose of zh-* proposals started because Mark Davis have a whole
set of Chinese documents needed to be encoded but does not fall exactly
into zh-tw, zh-cn, etc.

This was 2-3 years back and I believe several Unicode experts have been
consulted - check with Joe Zhang.

In short, I support the current zh-* into the IANA registries. The
purpose for those tags have little to do with IDN.

And I agree with Michael - Morfin does not know what he is talking

ps: I am still the SC2 representative for Singapore and also for WG2
and IRG and for Morfin to suggest I am not qualified, he is obviously
out of line.

-James Seng

On 08-Mar-05, at AM 03:35, Michael Everson wrote:

> Dear Yao Jiankang,
> At 03:16 +0800 2005-03-08, Yao Jiankang wrote:
>> Dear JEF and Michael,
>>    Thanks a lot for JEF's comments. It is unwise to register
>> Microsoft as the
>> Referent of the Chinese languages in the IANA tables.
> I'm sorry to say so, but Mr Morfin doesn't have any idea what he is
> talking about. I am copying three experts here who *can* talk sensibly
> about these matters.
>> CNNIC under Chinese Academy of Sciences is authorized by state
>> government and a non-profit organization which will be the best
>> represenative in IANA for Chinese language tables.
>> Now I am specilizing IDN and Internationalization of email address
>> which are
>> also have relative to Chinese Language Tables.
>>    I also copy the letter to MAO Wei (General Director of CNNIC)and
>> LEE Xiaodong
>> (leader of technic department of CNNIC)for information.
>>    Thanks a lot!
>> Yao Jiankang
>> ÔÚÄúµÄÀ´ÐÅÖÐÔø¾-Ìáµ½:
>>> From: "JFC (Jefsey) Morfin" <jefsey at jefsey.com>
>>> Reply-To:
>>> To: michael Everson <everson at evertype.com>
>>> Subject: Re: Status of zh-* proposals
>>> Date:Sun, 06 Mar 2005 05:31:33 +0100
>>> On 22:13 05/03/2005, Michael Everson said:
>>>  >At 13:01 -0800 2005-03-05, Doug Ewell wrote:
>>>  >>I was wondering about the status of the 10 proposals submitted a
>>> month
>>>  >>ago by Mark Davis, for tags of the form zh-{Hans, Hant}-{CN, HK,
>>> MO, SG,
>>>  >>TW}.
>>>  >
>>>  >>In any case, it should be possible to demonstrate, using these
>>> book
>>>  >>references or otherwise, that (for instance) zh-TW differs from
>>> zh-HK,
>>>  >>that both can be and are written in either Hans or Hant, and that
>>> there
>>>  >>is a need to tag all four of these situations.
>>>  >
>>>  >I would like Mark and Peter to get James Seng's explicit view on
>>> this, for
>>>  >instance. He knows a lot about IDN, and about Chinese.
>>>  Dear Michael,
>>>  I did not want to say this on the public list, but I do not think
>>> it is a
>>>  good idea for this list and for the IANA to ask James Seng to talk
>>> on
>>>  behalf of China. Nor to register Microsoft as the Referent of the
>>> Chinese
>>>  languages in the IANA tables. I even feel both are highly
>>> inapropriate.
>>>  I gave you the list of the ccTLD Managers for the countries IBM and
>>>  Microsoft want to be the Referent of the language. I can only
>>> repeat my
>>>  strong advise that you contact their ccTLD Managers first, as the
>>> IESG
>>>  registration adviser for the IANA language tag registry. By
>>> courtesy and
>>>  out of respect for their national sovereignty and for the authority
>>> as the
>>>  trustee of their local communities.
>>>  jfc
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Subject: Re: zh-Hant-xx, zh-Hans-xx

> Mark, I do not have a record of discussion from James on this matter,
> nor have I seen the consensus that I asked for from the IETF list.
> At 07:07 -0800 2005-03-16, Mark Davis wrote:
> >You indicated that you were waiting on feedback from James Seng before
> >approving these. He supplied his feedback, which was in favor. We need to
> >get a resolution on these, and it is well past the two week period
> >in http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3066.txt.
> >
> >Could you please let us know whether you are going to approve these or
> >so that if you don't, we can begin the appeals process to the IESGas
> >specified in RFC 3066?
> >
> >Mark
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