Distinguishing Greek and Greek

Panagiotis Sikas sikas at ics.forth.gr
Wed Mar 16 16:12:51 CET 2005

 >> A script change happened back in 1453. Until 1453 the script used was
 >>archaic Greek (Ancient Greek) where we have some more characters
 >>involved. But I believe this sould be in accordance to iso 639-2 and
 >>go with the "grc" language code.
 >Not quite sure what you mean here.

According to ISO 639-2:
grc            Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
ell/gre  el    Greek, Modern (1453-)

where [el] is the code for greek from 639-1.

In ancient Greek there are letters like
"U+03DC Digamma" which does not exist any more.

This should become a different tag as it reffers
to a different script (although common characters exist
between el and grc).

 >>That might be an argument for additional tags for those grammatical
 >>variants, if it can be demonstrated that there is a need. Orthography,
 >>however, can be distinguished by the two tags proposed.

While I have no objections for the el-monoton tag,
I have to disagree with you for the el-polyton tag.

The meaning as you define this tag is: [modern Greek - polytonic]

What I see here is the need for additional subtags ?????

Best Regards

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