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Assuming I can get my code for "gsw" through the 639 registrar, I have 
everything I need -- for now.

For the record, if I were you I'm not sure I'd support the "no linguistic 
content" code -- even if the MPAA wants this. I think the task of your 
committee is to identify languages. Identifying whether a language is 
there or not seems to be a separate issue (Undetermined and Multilanguage 
codes notwithstanding). Most silent films are in fact "subtitled" in 
English or another language. It's true that some films don't have a 
language at all, but it seems to me that your goal is to identify the 
names of the languages and assign codes to these names -- not come up with 
codes to serve particular industry needs. I would certainly use the code 
if it were added, but consider this to be a bit of an apples/oranges 

Karen Broome
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Sony Pictures Entertainment

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> (Peter, should I just send my Excel spreadsheet in text format to the
> for discussion or is it fairly obvious stuff for this group?)

Well, there were a number of issues we went over, including various
things in the file you sent me that needed to be changed, or that
required registration of a tag. If you've made corrections, then you
could extract the items for which you still need a solution (were there
any that you're not already pursuing? *) and put those into an email for
people here to discuss. Sending the file you sent me, though, would
create a lot of unnecessary noise on this list, I think.

*I've floated the idea with the ISO 639/RA-JAC of adding a
special-purpose ID for "n/a -- no linguistic content" cases.

Peter Constable
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