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Hmm. I was planning on using these right away. Are these currently 
compliant if I do not feel I need the country codes? I was under the 
impression that these were not controversial. 

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The following are needed, but I think we can wait for 3066bis: sr_Cyrl_CS,
sr_Latn_CS,  sr_Cyrl_BA  ,  sr_Latn_BA


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> At 13:10 -0700 2005-06-14, Peter Constable wrote:
> >I support the registration requests for zh-cmn, zh-cmn-Hant and
> >zh-cmn-Hans.
> So do I and so does everyone else but don't want to get yelled at
> again about the fortnight.
> Are there any other preemptive 3066 changes we should make similar to
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