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When I lived in Switzerland, Swiss German was the English name the Swiss
gave to Schwyzertüütsch (which can have different spellings). It was not the
name of the variant of High German used in Switzerland. However, the fact
that the latter is characterized as de-CH is common practice, but I don't
think there is any formal substantiation of that anywhere in RFC 3066.

About Swiss German there is a nice article at .


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> does everyone on this list agree that de-CH is NOT the
> code for  Schwyzerdütsch?

Yes, de-CH is the language of the NZZ (a famous CH-newspaper),
and in some cases it degenerates into "I hate &szlig; after
one decade too much with a US-keyboard / card puncher layout".

For the differences between "gsw" and "Alemannisch" I'm lost.

I'm only positive that "de as used near the Sarre (Saar)" is
not "Schwyzerdütsch", and "Mannemeresch" (mentioned on the
LTRU list some days ago) is completely different.  I lived
for some time in Saarbrücken and Mannheim.

Whatever they use in Strasbourg (France, Alsace), AFAIK it's
not "Schyzerdütsch" but maybe it's "Alemannisch".  Bye, Frank

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