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Mon Jun 13 21:35:16 CEST 2005

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> zh-cms or zh-cmn?

Sorry, I meant "zh-cmn".

> Does this construction exist today or does it have the
> same problem as "gsw" -- it's not allowed unless 639-3 is published
> included in RFC 3066? Were there some recent additions to the Chinese
> codes?

It doesn't exist today, but it doesn't have the same problem as "gsw":
"zh-cmn" *could* be registered today. It would likely result in a bit of
discussion related to its superceding "zh-guoyu", but I think there's a
good case for it.

> Ideally, I would also like to avoid using zh-Hant and zh-Hans without
> Mandarin descriptor, though that will suit our business needs today. I
> just wanted to confirm that there aren't currently any registered
> that will allow me to express in a single code
> Chinese-*Mandarin*-Traditional.

There currently are not. It is expected that a successor to 3066
eventually will provide this, but in the mean time, you would need to
request registration of a tag. For this particular case, I'd recommend
requesting two tags: "zh-cmn" and "zh-cmn-Hant".

Peter Constable

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