IANA registration issues not covered by the "RFC 3066bis" draft

John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Fri Jan 28 14:38:45 CET 2005

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin scripsit:

> True. But Michael Everson is actually carrying three tasks:
> - Reviewer on behalf or IETF as designated by one Application AD (as per 
> RFC 3066) or both? Assisted by a non-IETF list?

Yes.  You should also add that his decisions may be appealed to the IESG
under RFC 2026, and that no such appeal has ever been made.

> - Registrar of ISO 15924 - what is out of IETF scope


> - Registrar for IANA - as per a IANA page I do not find back right now 
> (sorry, but the IANA is a mess not a menu)

No.  The Reviewer forwards the tags he approves to IANA for registration
there, but this process is automatic: whoever does the actual work at
IANA does not exercise discretion.  This is in accordance with RFC 2860,
Section 4.1.

> I am not referring to this. I am referring to the registration of the 
> documentation of a language tag through a single document, book or 
> authority.

Nothing prevents the creation of authoritative mirrors of the IANA
langtag registry, but then nothing prevents the creation of authoritative
mirrors of the IANA protocols or services registries either.  In
practice, non-authoritative mirrors (see /etc/protocols and /etc/services
on your local system) do the job effectively.

> I am afraid you will never understand this as a tag designer while I am a 
> tag user. In missing the style and authority fields your tag does not 
> permit the real needs of the words to be documented, leading to 
> conflicts.

Our ten years of harmonious cooperation trump your hypothetical conflicts.

> Your tag does not scale and is therefore inadequate to real 
> life and violating RFC 1958.

On the contrary.  I refer you particularly to Section 3.7 of that RFC.

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