Use of "CS" for 'Serbia and Montenegro'

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Mon Jan 10 18:49:13 CET 2005

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> Note that it says "codes from [ISO 3166]", so it doesn't make one
> whit of difference if such a tag is registered in an IANA registry;
> every 2-letter second subtag is always interpreted per ISO 3166, so
> to the extent that 3166 can be considered to be ambiguous, such
> ambiguity is unaffected by registry of any tag with a 2-letter
> second subtag.

I don't agree that it doesn't make one whit of difference. RFC 3066 also
says, "This procedure MAY also be used to register information with the
IANA about a tag defined by this document," which explicitly is
referring to ll-CC or lll-CC cases. Since we agree that ambiguity is
bad, and it seems possible to establish consistent, non-ambiguous usage,
a registration for "sr-CS" may be used to register information: that it
is used with one meaning rather than another.

Peter Constable

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