Region subtags under 3066 and 3066bis

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Fri Feb 25 08:36:11 CET 2005

Doug Ewell wrote:

>> some regions like the former YU automagically vanish from
>> your registry, because YU was used for the new CS for about
>> 11 years.  You have the old CS as 200, but not the old YU
>> as 890.
> Check the registry again.  YU has not vanished.

I don't find anything representing 890.  I only see the YU
which is now CS, but not the old YU.  No real problem in that
case, because RfC 1766 was published after the old region 890
split, no old sl-YU / sh-YU / hr-YU invalidated by the new YU.

>> What would happen if CS splits into Serbia and Montenegro,
>> and Serbia picks a name allowing it to _keep_ CS ?

> That would be interesting, considering that CS was chosen as
> a mnemonic for *C*rna Gora i *S*rbija.

They could pick a C as in CH justifying to keep CS.  If that
example is too convoluted replace it by a split of GE, where
one part keeps GE.

> I am not going to keep fighting this battle alone.

It's not your fault and no fight, it's a problem in the design.

                        Bye, Frank

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