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> >>  >The tags mn-Mong-CN and mn-Mong-MN are not aliases.
> >>
> >>  de-DE and de-AT differ because, at least, the
> >>  former spells "Januar" and the latter "Jänner".
> >>  In what way do mn-Mong-CN and mn-Mong-MN differ?
> >
> >One refers to usage in PRC while the other refers to usage in Mongolia.
> So use a locale.

If what you're tagging are e.g. entries in a TBX terminology database, you don't want a locale ID; you want an RFC 3066 tag.

> Usage for de differs in DE and AT in a demonstrable way.
> Does usage of mn differ in CN and MN?

Only a user (e.g. the one compiling the TBX data) can answer that.

Peter Constable

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