Region subtags under 3066 and 3066bis

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Fri Feb 18 13:42:36 CET 2005

At 05:27 18/02/2005, Frank Ellermann wrote:
>The deprecated FQ could get a canonical TF.  It's useless, why
>     fr-FQ for "French as in Kerguelen" if there is "fr-TF" ?

:-) Where are you putting the Malvinas in AR or in GB ?
RFC 1591: the IETF is not in the business of deciding what is a country.

I explained that a WG-Languages would be an error in the IETF, protocols 
not being concerned by languages but by bytes possibly  filtered by 
scripts. But that a WG-Tags would be important to keep the IETF directly 
involved in Reference Centers (theme I work on). I therefore plan to 
introduce a Draft on Table tags (tabtags). The languages tabtags are 
obviously a necessary example. The Draft will provide a comparison with IDN 
tabtags, ccTLD Whois Tabtags, etc. and their different relations.

1. Could someone give me a real example of a protocol needing to call the 
protocol parameters clearinghouse about "fr-Latn-TF". I really see 
what  they cannot be used for, but I am at genuine loss about what they can 
be used for (I mean for a computer).

2. has some work beeing carried on the format of a content for language 
tabtags. If these tabtags are to be of use in a network/computer 
environment they must be related to an information that computers can read 
in XML, ASN.1 or other formats.

3. has an OID been considered for the language tabtags (IANA is also an OID 

Thank you.

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