draft 10 and 3166

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Wed Feb 16 23:57:05 CET 2005

Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:

> someone (in draft-10 this would be Mark and I) creates a
> draft registry and submits it to this list. Debates about
> specific items follow to resolve inclusion (or exclusion)
> of specific items such as YU and NH and IM. Then the initial
> registry is approved.

If YU, NH, and IM are open for a future debate here, then it
could be better if you avoid these codes as examples in the
draft.  In the worst case - if you want to be compatible with
RfC 1766 - you need all "officially assigned" country codes
1996.  That would kill DD, SF, NH, and SU, but still allow TP,
YU, and ZR.  Probably I forgot some odd cases.  Bye, Frank

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