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The initial state of the registry is covered in the draft pretty clearly: someone (in draft-10 this would be Mark and I) creates a draft registry and submits it to this list. Debates about specific items follow to resolve inclusion (or exclusion) of specific items such as YU and NH and IM. Then the initial registry is approved.

Future additions can be done via registration. Once registered, subtags can't be removed, so one presumes that the initial registry will be rather more conservative about what it lets in.


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> Sorry, I still don't get it, found in I-D-phillips-langtags-10:
> Why are YU and NH okay, if IM is not okay ?  Is it because NH
> and YU were once "officially assigned", and IM was not so far ?
> Apparently the procedures work as soon as the new registry is
> created, but determining its initial state is difficult.  If
> it's supposed to be compatible with 3066, then AC, BU, DD, EU,
> FX, GG, IM, JE, NH, SF, SU, TP, UK, YU, and ZR are all invalid
> at the moment.
>                         Bye, Frank
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