Language X within scope of language Y

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Thu Feb 3 17:17:07 CET 2005

At 13:58 03/02/2005, John Cowan wrote:
>L.Gillam scripsit:
> > > ISO 3166-3 is not relevant to RFC 3066 or RFC 3066bis.
> >
> > Your answer, I guess, depends on your definition of relevant. And,
> > perhaps, whether you want to refer to ISO standards for dealing with
> > Yugoslavia. I'd have thought these could be used in combination with
> > the singletons of 3066bis. Perhaps not?
>ISO 3166-3 doesn't code for geographical areas.  It codes
>for changes in the names/codes of countries.  In what way could a
>change in the name/code of a country be relevant to its language?
>Countries don't change their languages when they change their names.
>The burden of persuasion is on you.

Very often countries change names because they change territories. There 
are languages spoken in the new/former territory. Croatian in YU may differ 
from Croatian in CS.

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