Generic variant subtags in RFC 3066bis

Michael Everson everson at
Tue Apr 19 22:12:22 CEST 2005

At 15:55 -0400 2005-04-19, John Cowan wrote:

>  > >That's an objection of a different sort, and I'll take it up separately.
>  > >I don't really see why Midland en-us is any different from Scouse en-gb.
>  >
>  > Register Midland en-US then.
>Michael, either dialects are registerable or they aren't.  Which is it?

Register real things if you want them registered. Don't ask for 
generic tags that can cause trouble.

Do you know how many ignorant people divide Ireland into Northern 
Ireland and Southern Ireland because they get the terminology wrong? 
The tags you propose could be misused here (*ga_IE-northern, 
*ga-IE-southern) and in many other places, and I OPPOSE their 
instatement as generatively usable tags. These things should be 
registered individually as *actually* needed.
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