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Michael Everson everson at
Tue Apr 12 20:32:43 CEST 2005

At 18:03 +0200 2005-04-12, JFC (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

>>>Michael, my mail was copied to the AFRAC list. [...]
>>>PS. Merci de ne respecter la règle de ne pas 
>>>copier vos commentaires sur les listes 
>>I received your mail on the IETF language tags 
>>list and I responded to it there. Perhaps you 
>>could just refrain from posting here at all.
>Either this list is a private list, which might 
>justify your suggestion. Either it is a IANA 
>list and your suggestion is innapropriate.

1. Jefsey sends mail to 
ietf-languages at apparently calling 
Michael and others "sorcerer's apprentices"

2. Michael objects to it on ietf-languages at

3. Jefsey complains that he copied his mail to 
some other list, and asks Michael not to respond 
to Jefsey's posts to ietf-languages at 
on ietf-languages at

4. Michael tells Jefsey to go away and leave him alone.

>The status of this list is subject to a Draft 
>under discussion. You would be most welcome to 
>join the list where this Draft is discussed.

Not in a thousand years.

>To my understanding however the present list has 
>never been discussed as being an IETF list. 
>However considering the idea, it could be good 
>one: this list could be a permanent IETF WG, 
>publishing regular (yearly) updates as RFC 
>maintained through regular Drafts. This could 
>actually solve a lot of IANA related issues, 
>since the Drafts and RFCs are a very well 
>established system.

Go away and leave me alone.
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