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> >Nobody seems to have anything they want to say regarding stability
> Is it necessary?
> As the Language-Tag Reviewer, I have had little luck following the
> drafts of the revisions, so early on I just threw up my hands and
> waited for the rules to congeal by consensus of others.

Umm... I was talking about the revision of ISO 3166; now you're talking
about the revision of RFC 3066. Two different things.

> To date I
> detect little actual consensus given the tug-of-war between people
> who want a Swiss-army-knife code that doesn't just tag languages but
> is a portmanteau for all the locale stuff people also want.

Two points (on the topic of RFC 3066bis, not ISO 3166):

- There has been debate, but at this point I think there is growing
consensus. I certainly am satisfied with the latest draft (modulo the
editorial comments I made) and would like to see this approved.

- There is nothing specifically locale-related in this proposal;
everything is appropriately applicable to declaring linguistic and
writing-related properties of linguistic content or resources. 

> For years I have urged the ISO 639 and ISO 3166 committees to adhere
> to stability.

Those responsible for ISO 639 "get it". Those responsible for ISO 3166
appear not to share the same concerns.

Peter Constable

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