revision of ISO 3166

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Sat Sep 4 00:21:08 CEST 2004

At 15:04 -0700 2004-09-03, Peter Constable wrote:

>I can add a few details:
>- Unlike ISO 639, this explicitly intends identifiers to bear a visual
>similarity to the name of a country (in some language -- clause 5.1) .

Bad idea, and nothing *I* heard when *I* was at the last meeting in Paris.

>- On the one hand, this doc requires a period of 50 years before an
>identifier can be re-assigned (clause 7.4).

Good idea.

>- On the other hand, and following from the first point above, it
>indicates that changes to the name of a country may require a change to
>the identifier (clause 7.3).

Bad idea.
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