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Tue Oct 26 19:26:11 CEST 2004

I believe what Doug was referring to was adding the inversion. What we don't
want to see is all possible permutations:

North American Indian; Indian, North American; American Indian, North

By the way, the ISO names are very inconsistent with regards to inversion,
and there seems to be little pattern to when it is done. It would be much
much cleaner if all the inversions were undone.

Davis, Mark

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> > --On 22. oktober 2004 13:13 -0700 Doug Ewell <dewell at>
> >
> >> Low German; Low Saxon; German, Low; Saxon, Low
> >> Church Slavic; Old Slavonic; Old Church Slavonic; Church Slavonic; Old
> >> Bulgarian
> >> etc.
> >>
> >> IMHO, the latter two border on the ridiculous; it's probably not
> >> necessary to offer every possible permutation of a multi-word name.
> Because of the confusions that people have over German and Saxon dialects
> and languages, Low German and Low Saxon are both necessary descriptions.
> German, Low; and Saxon, Low are just the inverted forms.
> Not over the top at all really.
> John Clews
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