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> Michael,
> This is welcome news and congratulations.
> The web page says:
> "Additions to the ISO 15924 codes for scripts will be announced on the
> Unicode
> discussion list. Discussion about ISO 15924 and script codes is welcome
> on this
> list. "
> Although I have no objections to announcements and discussion
> additionally on
> the Unicode list, can I respectfully suggest there should also be a list
> dedicated to 15924, so that people looking for announcements etc
> specific to
> ISO 15924, won't miss them in the other Unicode traffic?
> I understand that there is overlap if there are 2 lists. If a separate
> discussion list is undersirable, then at least a separate list just for
> announcements, seems called for. (And the announcements can be made to
> more
> than one list, as was done in this case.)

An easy way to have a separate list for ISO15924 is to just continue
the iso15924 at list. 

Best regards

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