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Thu Mar 25 19:57:58 CET 2004

Michael Everson scripsit:

> I asked legitimate questions about the grammar of [Latin American Spanish] and 
> no one was able to answer them. I was specific about pronoun and 
> conjugation use. I speak Mexican Spanish. I can tell the difference 
> between it and Argentine Spanish and between it and Spanish Spanish 
> and between those and Colombian Spanish.

I grant that it's an underspecified and written-only dialect, but so is
modern standard Arabic (some political speeches notwithstanding).

> I did the best I could given my understanding of the definition of 
> "language" we use.

The effect of which is that es-mx is now in use instead, thus blatantly

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Rather than making ill-conceived suggestions for improvement based on
uninformed guesses about established conventions in a field of study with
which familiarity is limited, it is sometimes better to stick to merely
observing the usage and listening to the explanations offered, inserting
only questions as needed to fill in gaps in understanding. --Peter Constable

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