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Michael Everson everson at
Thu Mar 25 19:20:27 CET 2004

At 10:13 -0800 2004-03-25, Peter Constable wrote:
>I went to fill out a corporate survey on our Intranet, and was 
>presented with a page for selecting language preference, one of 
>these being "Latin American Spanish" -- see the attached PNG.
>It really was a legitimate request that should have been accepted.

I asked legitimate questions about the grammar of this "language" and 
no one was able to answer them. I was specific about pronoun and 
conjugation use. I speak Mexican Spanish. I can tell the difference 
between it and Argentine Spanish and between it and Spanish Spanish 
and between those and Colombian Spanish.

I did the best I could given my understanding of the definition of 
"language" we use.
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