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Fri Mar 5 10:55:54 CET 2004


This cropped up during discussion on the re: Hawick Scots language tag.

Addison Phillips <aphillips at webmethods.com> wrote to
Chris Lunn <shiieru at yahoo.co.uk> with copies to
ietf-languages at alvestrand.no

> Hi Chris,
> I'm not qualified to comment on your particular request, but have a
> small technical suggestion... You might want to consider a tag with
> five or more characters, since there is an
> Internet-Draft circulating that would require a length of five or more.
> Cf http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-phillips-langtags-01.txt

Could somebody comment on the following:

1. The document at this URL repeatedly states:
   "This Internet-Draft will expire on August 11, 2003."
What's its current status?

2. It covers the CS/CS problem well in dealing with ISO 3166 codes
(though naturally it would be better if the ISO 3166/MA didn't do such
stupid things - has anybody heard of top-level actions regarding the
allocation of the CS code in ISO 3166?)

3. In my view, it would also do well to allow inclusion of the widely used
LOCODEs to specify locations.

4. In my view, it would also do well to refer to ISO 639-3 codes, once
that gets passed.

5. Will the expiry of this draft on August 11, 2003 allow for any of that
to happen?

6. Is this the main draft so far in any efforts to "revise" RFC 3066?

Many thanks in advance for any comments.

John Clews

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