comments on the draft - 2

Tex Texin tex at
Sat Jun 12 00:00:09 CEST 2004

"Addison Phillips [wM]" wrote:
> That's "bow to the Latin roots"... sigh... is it Friday yet?

Ahh, yet another example of a dead and obsolete standard (Latin) continuing to
impact modern software development. Must we go back to concepts from 300BC,
which haven't been lingua franca anywhere since 1300, as guidance for 2004

Instead of "superseded" why don't we use more modern spelling and wording, for
example: "totally 5 minutes ago".
(Given recent reuse of tags, it seems more apt doesn't it?)

I propose:

'Tags like "zh-Hant" and "en-boont" be marked as "totally 5 minutes ago".'

(And yes the use of "lingua franca" was an intentional blooper cuz it tickled
me in some strange way.)

Have a good weekend. ;-)

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