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Well... I spelled it right the first few times and the other way when entering a response to Peter's comments (and who knows, maybe somewhere else). My spell checker (MS Word 2000) thinks its fine both ways, so of course I didn't notice---and probably never would have, except for John's kind note.



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> > Annoyingly (or perhaps pleasingly), it is spelled both ways in the 
> > document. I should note that both are in common use.
> I checked multiple dictionaries, and they all list "supersede" as the 
> primary entry, with "supercede" as an acceptable variant.  The exception 
> is OED, which claims that "supercede" is "now erroneous".
> I don't know how that judgement of "erroneous" came about, and it 
> seems to 
> me to be a bit bogus.  Nevertheless, there seems to be concensus that 
> "supersede" is the primary spelling.  A document should certainly not use 
> both spellings.
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