[YES] The Linguasphere proposal is suited to RFC 3066(oritssuccessors) and its consuming protocols

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 7 19:10:27 CEST 2004

> From: Addison Phillips [wM] [mailto:aphillips at webmethods.com]
> Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 9:58 AM

> I think what Peter is saying is:
>   i. If someone wanted to use the ISO15924 script code 'prsl' (not
> assigned, I believe), then they wouldn't have to submit a request for

OK, let me be *completely* explicit and clear:

*If* the Linguasphere alpha-4 IDs were supported in an RFC (which we
know cannot be done in a way that creates ambiguity with ISO 15924
script IDs, and also which is not part of any published or draft RFC),
then if someone wanted to use "prsl" to refer to a particular variety of
Welsh, they wouldn't have to request it as it would already be provided.

That was *one* part of what Clay wrote that I commented on. Clay
suggested this as a benefit (a reason for his "yes" vote). My comment
should not be inferred as supporting Clay's vote in favour of having an
RFC that supports Linguasphere entities (using alpha-4 IDs or otherwise)
as I have concerns with such a proposal, as I have expressed elsewhere.

That's what *I* was meaning. All of the things Addison has just said are
different, but are all true.

Peter Constable
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
Microsoft Windows Division

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