Linguasphere -- An appeal for clarity

Misha Wolf Misha.Wolf at
Fri Jun 4 18:03:16 CEST 2004


Please can we keep separate the discussions of:

1.  Should the Linguasphere stuff become a BSI and/or ISO standard? 
    This includes issues such as the quality of the Linguasphere 

2.  Were the Linguasphere stuff to become an ISO standard, should 
    it be reflected in some future descendant of the specification 
    (currently known as RFC 3066) referenced by various important 
    IDs/RFCs (eg HTTP [1]) and W3C Recommendations (eg XML [2])?  
    This includes issues such as the utility of the Linguasphere 
    stuff for *general* indication of language, eg for HTTP's 
    "Accept-Language" and for XML's "xml:lang".

It is, of course, quite possible that we shall conclude that the 
answer to Q1 is a shrug, while the answer to Q2 is "You must be 



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