Question on ISO-639:1988

Debbie Garside debbie at
Thu Jun 3 10:51:53 CEST 2004

>Debbie, I have no qualms whatsoever with this statement: I don't deny
>that it is in a standards process within BSI; I know a proposal will be
>presented to TC 37/SC 2/WG 1 to consider a new work item proposal; I
>think it's entirely appropriate that it should be considered with open

>I am simply concerned at giving the impression that it *will* be an ISO
>standard when that is not by any means certain since there isn't even a
>new work item (you haven't actually made that claim, but the way you
>speak can easily leave that impression),

Please accept my apologies for leaving that impression... it was not

 and I *really* would like to
>see better analysis justifying the need. In the absence of such
>analysis, I'm not sure I could recommend to the US TAG that they vote in
>favour of accepting a NWIP.

We will endeavour to show the analysis justifying the need in due course.



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