I approve the registration of es-americas (Latin American Spanish)

Jeremy Carroll jjc at hplb.hpl.hp.com
Wed Jun 2 09:27:50 CEST 2004

Peter Constable wrote:
>>>So, I'm curious to know what suddenly changed after 20 1/2 months?
>>It doesn't really matter, now, does it?
> When there has been no discussion on the list regarding a particular
> request for a year and a half and the registrar suddenly registers an
> item without inviting input on whether the people looking for it still
> perceived the exact same need or if there aren't any remaining
> objections, I think there's a reasonable concern about process.
> Evidently there are factors affecting the decisions of the registrar
> beyond discussion and consensus on this list. I think it's reasonable to
> know what those factors are.

OTOH the process has worked; the registrar made a poor decision (for 
some reason, possibly just an error, possibly not); the group quickly 
pointed out that the decision was flawed; the registrar retracted the 
decision. We all make mistakes from time to time; the process has 
successfully guarded against this one. And as Addison pointed out there 
is yet another safeguard in the process (the appeals process) that has 
not been used. I would prefer to let the matter drop.


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