ISO 3166 and RFC 3066bis

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Jul 21 05:53:59 CEST 2004

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> I think DG (Diego Garcia) should be an alias for IO (British Indian
> Ocean Territory), GG (Guernsey) and JE (Jersey) should be aliases for
> 830 (Channel Islands), and IM should be an alias for 833 (both Isle of
> Man).  Of course, UK would be an alias for GB, as John said.

I agree with IM vs. 833, but GG and JE should not be *separately* aliases
for 830.  Guernsey and Jersey are historically quite different and
distinct language areas.  *Jointly* they constitute 830.

As for DG, it's just a small part of IO.  This would be like making
Massachusetts an alias for US.

> I also think a case could be made that these should *not* be added, in
> case ISO 3166/MA decides to reuse them for some reason and we have to
> fall back on a UN code or variant subtag.  They shouldn't be recycling
> assigned codes, but one could argue that the reserved codes are theirs
> to do with what they please.  

What's going on with the exceptional reservations is that other groups
using 3166 code are also using these alongside of them, notably the
DNS itself.  So they are pretty unlikely to step on them.

> originally excluded or overlooked can be added to the registry later."


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