Why does it take so long?

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at alvestrand.no
Fri Jan 9 18:03:10 CET 2004

--On 9. januar 2004 08:12 -0800 Mark Davis <mark.davis at jtcsv.com> wrote:

> 15 is nicer than 16 because 0..15 fits in 4 bits. Not a major issue, but
> since it is such a minor change, and because 16 is chosen to have plenty
> of discrimination space, it's a good change.

but no tags have zero length, so you can start counting from one...

> We tried to be careful to produce a grammar that accepted all generated
> codes from RFC 3066, plus it grandfathered in all registered codes. So it
> would be a complete superset of everything that worked under RFC 3066. It
> would not allow in all codes that *could have been registered*, but that
> is not a problem once it goes into effect and the registry switches over.
> If you think that for any reason we have not accomplished this, please
> let us know.

I'm more worried about the grammar for 3066 not accepting all tags 
generated by the new grammar - this can lead to backwards compatibility 
issues, where parsers built to the old grammar will reject "new" tags.

Likely, this is a non-problem, because most parsers just scan the whole 
thing in text mode anyway, but people who are on the list and know the code 
of those parsers should speak up now.


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