(iso639.1574) New ISO 639 language identifier - Klingon

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Thu Feb 26 04:04:34 CET 2004

yes, I get it now. thanks Peter.

Peter Constable wrote:
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> > ugh. Is anyone bothered by the fact that we will now have a registered
> > identifier for a language that we have decided not to encode in
> Unicode? We can
> > represent it transliterated but not its "native" script. If Klingon is
> > transliterated into more than one script, it will be difficult to do
> searches
> > etc. (Ah, I feel a spec for Klingon Normalization forms coming on...)
> I don't think there's any serious problem here. Keep in mind that
> Unicode does not encode languages, it encodes scripts. And what was not
> encoded in Unicode was Klingon script precisely because the script that
> *is* used by the Klingon user community out there is Latin. Nobody
> really *wants* to represent it in its "native" script.
> There was an absence of a user community for Klingon script, but that is
> a separate issue from there being a user community for the Klingon
> language.
> Peter
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