(iso639.1574) New ISO 639 language identifier - Klingon

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 25 18:10:17 CET 2004

> From: Tex Texin [mailto:tex at XenCraft.com]

> The other question would be whether legacy software that used
i-klingon would
> follow the same practices as the new registration.
> i-klingon could represent anything. Presumably with the identification
> materials to justify the registration, the new entry might have
> for certain spelling and other practices. Unless perhaps software
> i-klingon was part of the justification for creating the new entry.

I'm not sure I understand you. The tag i-klingon can't represent
*anything*; it represents the language described in the registration
form, which clearly equates it with what is now also denoted by the ISO
639-2 identifier tlh.

The i-klingon registration form listed two references:

Okrand, Marc. 1992. The Klingon Dictionary: English-Klingon Klingon
English. New York: Pocket books. ISBN 0-671-74559-X

Okrand, Marc. 1997. Klingon for the galactic traveler. New York: Pocket
books. ISBN 0-671-00995-8

These books refer to exactly the same language referred to in the
request made to ISO. That request cited Okrand's Klingon dictionary, as
well as other documents (note that the documentation requirements for
RFC 3066 and ISO 639-2 have slightly different purposes in mind):

ref_where_found_1 = The Klingon Dictionary, Marc Okrand, 1992
lang_in_vern =
tlhIngan Hol ref_where_found_2 = The Klingon Dictionary, Marc Okrand,
trans_lit = See above reference.

evidence = Klingon Language Institute (Flourtown, PA) -- thousands
(including email letters, web pages, literature in _jatmey_ journal,
Klingon Hamlet_ (two versions), _Gilgamesh_, _Much Ado About Nothing_,
several manuscripts in Klingon, four Master's theses on Klingon (three
English, one in French), thousands of separate pieces of correspondence
and about the language, over 100 works of fiction containing characters
claiming to speak the language, Klingon reference works in Klingon and
German, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, etc)

Library of Congress -- at least 51 (average of at least one per issue of
_HolQeD_ journal, which is archived there (47 to date), four issues of
_jatmey_ literary supplement (5-10 Klingon documents each), copies of
Klingon Hamlet_, _ghIlghameS_ (Klingon version of the epic of
_From the Grammarian's Desk_ (several Klingon documents in this),
tIn mIS_ (Klingon version of Much Ado About Nothing))

UCLA Research Library -- at least 51 (average of at least one per issue
_HolQeD_ journal (47 to date), plus, four issues of _jatmey_, each with
(5-10 or so) Klingon documents)

The International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Peter Constable

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