(iso639.1574) New ISO 639 language identifier - Klingon

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Wed Feb 25 09:34:48 CET 2004

The other question would be whether legacy software that used i-klingon would
follow the same practices as the new registration.
i-klingon could represent anything. Presumably with the identification of
materials to justify the registration, the new entry might have expectations
for certain spelling and other practices. Unless perhaps software using
i-klingon was part of the justification for creating the new entry.

(I dont have net access at the moment to check on this.)


Peter Constable wrote:
> > From: ietf-languages-bounces at alvestrand.no [mailto:ietf-languages-
> > bounces at alvestrand.no] On Behalf Of Addison Phillips [wM]
> > According to the rules in place in RFC3066 (not bis), as I understand
> them,
> > the tag 'i-klingon' will never be *deleted*, only deprected with a
> reference
> > to 'tlh'.
> I think what Mike was suggesting was that the RFC say something explicit
> about how alisasing in such cases is dealt with. It currently is silent
> on this, so while I could look in the registration file for i-lux
> (http://www.iana.org/assignments/lang-tags/i-lux) and find that it "has
> been deprecated by ISO 639 lb", there's nothing in the RFC to tell me
> that that will always be done, or that it will always be done the same
> way.
> And more could be done to make life easier for application developers,
> or even to allow for more intelligent apps. For instance, the IANA
> lang-tags folder could contain a tab- or comma-delimited file alias.txt
> containing alias mappings; e.g.
> ;deprecated,best_practice
> i-lux,lb
> i-navajo,nv
> no-bok,nb
> no-nyn,nn
> etc.
> Or the server could respond to a request along the lines of
> http://www.iana.org/langtag_alias.asp?tag=i-lux
> by returning parsable information regarding the relationship between
> i-lux and lb.
> The fact is that aliases can and do exist. The question is whether we
> are doing all that we could to deal with that reality.
> Peter
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