(iso639.1574) New ISO 639 language identifier - Klingon

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 24 17:54:28 CET 2004

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> According to the rules in place in RFC3066 (not bis), as I understand
> the tag 'i-klingon' will never be *deleted*, only deprected with a
> to 'tlh'. 

I think what Mike was suggesting was that the RFC say something explicit
about how alisasing in such cases is dealt with. It currently is silent
on this, so while I could look in the registration file for i-lux
(http://www.iana.org/assignments/lang-tags/i-lux) and find that it "has
been deprecated by ISO 639 lb", there's nothing in the RFC to tell me
that that will always be done, or that it will always be done the same

And more could be done to make life easier for application developers,
or even to allow for more intelligent apps. For instance, the IANA
lang-tags folder could contain a tab- or comma-delimited file alias.txt
containing alias mappings; e.g.



Or the server could respond to a request along the lines of


by returning parsable information regarding the relationship between
i-lux and lb.

The fact is that aliases can and do exist. The question is whether we
are doing all that we could to deal with that reality.

Peter Constable
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