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Tue Feb 17 01:26:52 CET 2004

At 19:59 +0000 2004-02-16, Chris Lunn wrote:

>"Braid Hawick: a treatise on the vernacular speech of Hawick" by Elliot
>Cowan Smith, 1927 transactions [Hawick Archaeological Society], pages 8 to
>32 (from www.genuki.org.uk/big/ROX/Hawick/index.html)
>"Speak Teri", published by Hawick Camera Club in the form of a book and
>cassette in the early 1990s (date unknown)

I'm not confident about this at all. Googling "braid hawick" brings 
up only one page which is a mention of this particular book. Googling 
"speak teri" brings up  women named Teri and apparently a reference 
to Tamil.

I think there are many Scots dialects; this one is at least 
under-represented on the web. Compare http://www.lallans.co.uk/ shich 
is in standards Scots I guess. Also http://www.lowlands-l.net/ refers 
to Ullans and Shaetlan (which probably ought to get tags at some 

 From the evidence presented the reviewer is inclined to decline a tag 
for Hawick Scots. Further evidence is invited.

(Dunno about these Scots dialects and orthographies. How standard are 
they? There are dictionaries of course.)
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