Language Identifier List Comments, updated

Tex Texin tex at
Sun Dec 26 11:32:06 CET 2004

I have updated the page with a new format for the tables.
There is now just one table which lists all of the 3166 region codes, and for
each code (some of) the languages that are spoken in the region. As you know
John Cowan provided the original data which was based on official languages.
I have found a number of additions of official languages, and in some cases
added languages that are not official but used in the region.

Unfortunately, I have had to rely on a few different sources and there isn't a
consistent rule as to percentage of people speaking the language in a region to
qualify it for listing. In some cases, the choices were based on the time I had
available to invest in this effort.

The goal of the list is still to identify language codes that should be
language tag alone, vs. language-region tag
and/or a meaningful criteria for making the distinction.

Informed and constructive comments are welcomed.

The first row of the table represents languages that I have not yet identified
as belonging to a region.

Some of the languages are "constructed" (interlingua, esperanto, ido) and do
not belong to any region.
I might move them to a separate row for "constructed" languages.

The 3166 codes may not be fully up to date. I noted the YU entry, which should
be deprecated. The list needs checking for other errors or problems.

The page is:


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