be-latn language tag registration form

Jaska Zedlik sub at
Thu Dec 23 21:16:27 CET 2004

Nowadays Belarusian in Cyrillic script is really used wider than
in Latin script because Belarusian in Latin wasn't in use while
Belarus was a part of Soviet Union where the primary language was
Russian that is used only in Cyrillic.
When the Belarusian language was developing in the beginning of
the 20th century Cyrillic script formed on the base of it's
Latin analogue.
Now there are both sites entirely in Latin script (e.g.
and sites where user can choose the script of the language (e.g. and
So registering the language tag for Belarusian in Latin script I think
is the easiest way to tell these two scripts apart.

ME> The tag is, in principle, unobjectionable, but I am not sure about this:

>>Belarusian is customarily written in multiple scripts.

ME> It is *customarily* written in Cyrillic.

Jaska Zedlik

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