Language Identifier List up for comments

Tex Texin tex at
Fri Dec 17 22:24:22 CET 2004

ok, ok. Lots of good comments and since people are focusing on the text I will
edit the page incorporating the suggestions (most likely during the weekend).
So, have at it, if you have editorial contributions, now is the time.
Please submit wording that I can more or less insert as-is, if possible.
Suggestions to "add something like this" will be honored to the best of my
ability, but will take longer.
(Thanks to those of you that have been doing that already.)

I very much agree with the comment that the recommendations should not be to
trim the tag to just language, but where there is more than one choice as with
the english or german examples, should point to one of the more descriptive
alternatives (e.g. en-MX to en-US).

However, to do that I need informed recommendation from you all.

I have ideas for more friendly formats, and have appreciated the suggestions.
As time allows.

I was hoping to synthesize a statement that would be a guideline for content
developers and software developers to use in choosing tags. It doesn't seem
like we are heading in that direction as much as having a concrete list of
preferred choices.

a) Do you agree with that?

b) If we are to continue to manage and maintain such a list, where is the best
home for it?
(An organization that might maintain it with an eye on the intended audience of
content developers and software/web developers.)


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