Language Identifier List up for comments

Martin Duerst duerst at
Fri Dec 17 07:50:10 CET 2004

At 19:43 04/12/14, Tex Texin wrote:

Some comments on the current version of the document:

- I think there has been enough cross-posting. I suggest we all
   limit further posts to ietf-languages at
   Please direct followups only to that list.

- The intro says "The guidelines for choosing between language
   and language-country are ambiguous." and then goes on as if
   complete clarity would eventually be reached. I think it's
   important to say that this document is here to help (once it's
   more complete), but that it's ultimately the tagger's decision,
   and that in many cases, there may be choices left.

- "Proposed List of 1-level Language Identifiers": Why on earth
   are two-level codes given when it says that one-level codes
   are the right thing to use? Please, please, don't confuse
   the readers with such stuff, and remove the country codes
   from the identifiers as quickly as possible.

- Lots of codes have the wrong hyphens, e.g. ar‑DZ in source
   code. This isn't an exercise in typographic subtlety; if people
   can't cut-and-paste these codes, or paste garbage, that's a problem.

- The two-level list needs a lot of work. For German, for example,
   out of "de-AT, de-BE, de-CH, de-DE, de-DK, de-LI, de-LU", I'd
   probably only leave de-at, de-ch, and de-de.

- It would probably be good to reorganize that list, to separate
   two-level codes that are recommended from those that aren't

Regards,     Martin. 

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