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Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Tue Dec 14 22:10:15 CET 2004

being on an airplane, I can't see the list at present.....

would it be useful to add a headline saying something like this?

"This page is intended to list combinations of language code and country 
code that has been found useful in distinguishing written variants from 
each other. Please write the maintainer if you think that there is no 
variation between two code pairs listed, or if you think there are 
additional code pairs that are useful in distinguishing written variants."

If you want to tackle the (far larger) codeset that is useful in spoken 
variation, just replace "written" with "written and spoken", or "written, 
spoken and signed" if so is your desire.

But the clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is to get 

take care!


--On 14. desember 2004 02:43 -0800 Tex Texin <tex at> wrote:

> I will add caveats and expand the list to be both one level and two level
> as we go along.
> I am in a busy patch, so comment now, but I won't make many updates until
> the weekend.
> tex
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