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Tex Texin tex at
Thu Dec 16 20:22:57 CET 2004

thanks Jony, that is rather what I expected.
I imagine the list of subtags that could be used with yi, might be very long...

Jony Rosenne wrote:
> > > 2) What to do about yiddish? It is spoken in many places.
> > Any idea whether it
> > > is the same everywhere or not?
> >
> > Yiddish for many years had no written standard, but now it does,
> > and almost everyone writing Yiddish has adopted it.  (The _Forverts_,
> > the weekly Yiddish newspaper of New York City, was about the last
> > holdout.)
> - except for Israeli Yiddish users (I had an e-mail from an American Yiddish
> expert who explained that they don't count because they are influenced by
> Hebrew).
> - except for the Soviet Yiddish, which used a very different orthography, ...
> - whatever is the current practice, there is a long history and much legacy
> texts.
> Jony

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