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Thu Dec 16 14:42:19 CET 2004

Tex Texin scripsit:

> 2) What to do about yiddish? It is spoken in many places. Any idea whether it
> is the same everywhere or not?

Yiddish for many years had no written standard, but now it does,
and almost everyone writing Yiddish has adopted it.  (The _Forverts_,
the weekly Yiddish newspaper of New York City, was about the last

> 3) I noted that for Chinese, these tags were suggested:
> zh-CN, zh-HK, zh-MO, zh-SG, zh-TW, 
> zh-Hans, zh-Hans-CN, zh-Hans-SG, 
> zh-Hant, zh-Hant-HK, zh-Hant-MO, zh-Hant-TW
> Since there are only two tags for CN, zh-CN and zh-hans-CN, would those who
> argue for not overdifferentiating tags, recommend just the simpler zh-CN?

There are lots of zh-hant-CN documents, mostly historical but some

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