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Tex Texin tex at
Thu Dec 16 12:02:00 CET 2004

I updated the page- several additions based on comments made and some

I have some questions:
1) It was suggested that for Sweden, I add languages:
        samiska, Saami
        tornedalsfinska (meänkieli), Torndedalian(?) Finnish
 (seen as a separate language from Finnish; I don't know how different it is
from official Finnish)
        jiddisch, Yiddish (yi-SE)
       romani (zigenarspråk), Romani (rom-SE)

There are several language codes for Saami, which are appropriate:
sma   Southern Sami sami du Sud
sme se Northern Sami sami du Nord
smi   Sami languages (Other)  sami, autres langues
smj   Lule Sami sami de Lule
smn   Inari Sami sami d'Inari

2) What to do about yiddish? It is spoken in many places. Any idea whether it
is the same everywhere or not?

3) I noted that for Chinese, these tags were suggested:
zh-CN, zh-HK, zh-MO, zh-SG, zh-TW, 
zh-Hans, zh-Hans-CN, zh-Hans-SG, 
zh-Hant, zh-Hant-HK, zh-Hant-MO, zh-Hant-TW

Since there are only two tags for CN, zh-CN and zh-hans-CN, would those who
argue for not overdifferentiating tags, recommend just the simpler zh-CN?
Similarly for TW, just zh-TW?


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