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Misha Wolf Misha.Wolf at reuters.com
Mon Dec 13 16:40:52 CET 2004

Doug Ewell wrote:

> I don't believe the null string is a valid language tag, or should be.
> I think protocols that allow it, such as XML, should specify that the
> null string is allowable *in place of* a language tag.

The XML 1.1 spec says:

The intent declared with xml:lang is considered to apply to all
attributes and content of the element where it is specified, unless
overridden with an instance of xml:lang on another element within that
content. In particular, the empty value of xml:lang is used on an
element B to override a specification of xml:lang on an enclosing
element A, without specifying another language. Within B, it is
considered that there is no language information available, just as if
xml:lang had not been specified on B or any of its ancestors. 



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