some ISO DIS 639-3 stats

John Cowan cowan at
Sun Aug 15 05:28:19 CEST 2004

Peter Constable scripsit:

> Yup.

Thank you for this posting, and for all your labor at this potentially
thankless task.

> There are 56 macrolanguages and 364 macrolanguage mappings that
> will be included in ISO 639-3.

I assume this means that there are 364 languages which constitute
the components of those 56 macrolanguages.

> There are 68 collections; these will not be included in ISO 639-3. 12 of
> the collections are items that are named in ISO 639-2 like individual
> languages. One ("North American Indian") is clearly intended to be a
> collection but not named like a collection. For the other 11, there is
> nothing in ISO 639-2 suggesting they are collections; they have been
> reanalyzed (or that's the pending proposal) as collections.

Umm, 12+1+11 = 24, not 68.  Something's astray here.

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