some ISO DIS 639-3 stats

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Sun Aug 15 05:20:29 CEST 2004

> Are you in a position now to give us an idea of the status of this
> draft, such as "I have now examined n% of SIL tags, and k% of them
> need to be changed to something else; j% of them represent


Database has 17576 rows.

ISO 639-2/T                   471
Distinct ISO 639-2/B codes     23
ISO 639-2 local-use codes     520

SIL additions                6991
Linguist List additions       226

unallocated                  9345
total                        17576

There are 7561 individual language entries that will be included in ISO
639-3. There are 56 macrolanguages and 364 macrolanguage mappings that
will be included in ISO 639-3.

There are 68 collections; these will not be included in ISO 639-3. 12 of
the collections are items that are named in ISO 639-2 like individual
languages. One ("North American Indian") is clearly intended to be a
collection but not named like a collection. For the other 11, there is
nothing in ISO 639-2 suggesting they are collections; they have been
reanalyzed (or that's the pending proposal) as collections.

Alignment of Ethnologue with ISO 639 (assuming certain open issues in
ISO 639 are resolved in particular ways, and comparing with the
Ethnologue 15th edition, which is soon to go to the publisher) has
required changing 732 Ethnologue three-letter codes.

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