the new registry -- possible future directions

Lee Gillam l.gillam at
Wed Aug 11 14:57:40 CEST 2004


If TC 37 achieves what it hopes to, you should be able to derive such a 
registry using 11179-3 conformant items already. Each "tag" is, after
all, a combination of "data categories" using TC 37 speak. Select your
own preferred font size for the "If" in the first sentence.

> It just occurred to me that it might be a useful exercise to consider
> the potential applicability of ISO 11179 "Metadata Registries" to this
> registry. I'm not suggesting, though, that we should slow down
> development of the new RFC to redesign this registry to be an ISO
> 11179-conformant registry. One possibility, though, would be later for
> ISO TC 37 to formalize what's done here as an ISO standard, using the
> ISO 11179 framework (which various projects within TC 37 are already
> doing).
> Peter Constable

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